Mechanical Designing

Sketch mode Part mode


 Creating sketch in sketch mode.

 Dimensioning the sketches.

 Modifying the dimension in sketch.

 Creating base features in part mode.

 Creating datum’s

 Aiding construction in part .

 Advanced modeling tools.

Assembly mode Drafting and detailing

 Assembly modeling.

 Assembly constraints

 Degree of freedom of a component.

 Bottom up assy. Top down assy.

 Exploding the assembly.

 Editing the part in assembly mode.

 Generating drawing View.

 Editing the drawing view.

 Modifying the drawing view.

 Sectioned drawing view.

 Creating BOM. & balloons

 Dimensioning the drawing view.

Surface modeling Sheet metal mode

 Creating surfaces .

 Creating surface using style environment.

 Editing surfaces.

 Working with sheet metal.

 Creating sheet metal walls.

 Creating bends.

 Creating cuts in sheet metal components.

Mechanism mode  

 Creating mechanism

 Modeling entities

 Servo motor

 Force motor



 3D contacts

 Belt and pulley system


Mould Design

General mould construction Ejection system

  Basic terminology

  Mould cavity and cores

  Attachment of mould to platen


 Ejector grid

 Ejector plate assembly

 Ejection techniques

 Ejection from fix half

 Sprue pullers

Feeding system Parting surface


 Runner gate


 Flate parting surface

 Non flate parting surface

 Relief of parting surfaces


Mould cooling system Splits

 Cooling integer type plates

 Cooling insert- bolster assembly

 Water connection and seals

 Sliding splits

 Angled lift splits

Side cores and side cavities Mould internal undercuts

 Design features


 Standard mould parts



 Form pin

 Split cores

 Side cores


Company Name The students get placed:

Kalani Engineering Works | Flowmore India Ltd. | Modern industries ltd. | Precision Tools Company. Debono Flex India Pvt Ltd. | Minda Group of Company. | IPSA Business India Pvt Ltd. | Havels India Ltd. | Essel Foundries Pvt Ltd. | Sage Metals Pvt Ltd. | Darshan Automotive industries. | Machine Tools India Ltd. | Satyam Precision Components Pvt Ltd. | Rockwin Flowmeter India India Pvt Ltd. | P.P. Engineers | Akshara Tools. | Acem Locks Ltd. | Bhatiya Alloys and Forging. | Turning Component Pvt Ltd. | Kamal Auto industries | Prestige Automates |